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Many thanks I will most likely go with the argentine black and white. Commonly They can be much less temperamental than columbians, correct?

And whilst it’s true that these majestic creatures do need some special considerations in order to be stored effectively, I believe those that do endeavor to maintain them will discover by themselves richly rewarded.

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I've investigated a number of reptiles, but the tegu could be the one which has caught my notice essentially the most. I am just asking yourself: is the tegu a really perfect starter pet? I am really inquisitive, so be well prepared for many inquiries:

Tegus could be kept in teams and will hibernate in teams during the wild. Even so, more than one male in a territory may lead to conflicts.

It truly will depend on the Tegu. I prefer to Use a cage so that he can climb in and I'm able to shut it when my door is open, and one other animals are in the house. When your cage is open up and your doorway is open up your Tegu is more more likely to escape. (Visualize him much more just like a housecat, not a Doggy.)

That is a fantastic strategy for a short period of time. Just Be certain that the screen in front of the crate is small enough so that the Tegu simply cannot escape.

Tegus argentine tegu can be found at herp shows in California too so you should not have any issues obtaining a person local.

This information is precise and genuine to the most effective of your writer’s understanding. It's not necessarily meant to substitute for analysis, prognosis, therapy, prescription, or formal and individualized assistance from a veterinary professional medical Skilled. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress really should be noticed by a veterinarian promptly.

As hatchlings, Salvator merianae has an emerald inexperienced shade from the tip of its snout to midway down its neck with black markings. The emerald green becomes black a number of months after shedding. As a younger tegu, the tail is banded yellow and black; since it ages, the stable yellow bands nearest the body change to regions of weak speckling.

The cage and food items and water bowls really should be cleaned routinely using a one:10 dilution of house bleach. Rinse the merchandise well just after cleaning. Argentine Black and White Tegus can harbor the microorganisms. Be sure to wash your palms following dealing with the tegu or its cage.

'They may be a selected threat to imperiled species which include gopher tortoises and scrub jays (tegus are capable of climbing compact shrubs for getting at scrub jay nests).'

Gold tegus are recognised being pretty aggressive, but Lots of individuals have lifted and retained them as pets without having difficulties. Their golden coloration is lovely. As with the Colombian black and white tegu, wild-caught golden tegus are available during the pet trade since no captive breeding is going down within the U.S.

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